Frequently Asked Questions

Q) I’ve been involved in an accident and someone from the other party’s insurance company has contacted me. Should I agree to speak with them?
A) Certainly not without an attorney of your own, and possibly not at all. Any statement that you give to an opposing party’s insurance adjuster has the potential to prejudice your ability recover money from an accident. Even though you have been legitimately injured as the result of the negligence of another individual or company, a single inartful comment made by you to an opposing party’s insurance adjuster has the ability to damage your case from the beginning.

Most insurance companies, when they realize that an injured party has retained competent attorneys, such as The Barrist Firm, will attempt to resolve the claim in good faith prior to a lawsuit being filed. If it appears that the opposing insurance company is inclined to evaluate your case in good faith, it may be appropriate to provide such a statement, so that the opposing insurance company can effectively perform its internal evaluation and give you the money that you deserve. However, under no circumstances should you submit to such a statement without an experienced attorney present to guide you through the process and advise you what you should and shouldn’t say. You should also be aware that immediately following accidents, opposing parties’ insurance adjusters are known to prey upon unrepresented injured parties, by offering them, in exchange for a release of their lawsuit rights, a quick sum of money that is a fraction of the true value of the case. Don’t be taken advantage of. Consult with an attorney immediately after your accident who is experienced in dealing with the insurance companies.

Q) How much will The Barrist Firm charge to get me money damages for my injuries?
A) The Barrist Firm charges a “contingency fee” for its services in connection with obtaining money damages for its clients. This fee structure is based on the simple, no-nonsense concept that if money damages are recovered, you pay The Barrist Firm a percentage of such recovery that is agreed upon in advance. If you don’t recover money damages, you will not owe any legal fee to The Barrist Firm. While there can never be a guarantee of a certain result, if we have agreed to take your case, we believe that there is a substantial chance that we will ultimately be able to recover monetary damages on your behalf.

Q) How long will it take me to get money damages?
A) The Barrist Firm is unique, in that it expends much more time and resources in positioning your case for a pre-lawsuit settlement than most other firms. This includes maintaining perpetual contact with the opposing insurance company and putting together a comprehensive and well-organized Pre-Litigation Settlement Memorandum and Demand containing the police report, your medical records, summaries of your medical bills, out-of-pocket losses and wage losses. As the result of providing the opposing insurance companies with this crucial information in a timely and organized fashion, The Barrist Firm is frequently able to engage the opposing insurance companies in good-faith settlement negotiations before a lawsuit is even filed. If and when it becomes clear that the opposing insurance company does not intend to negotiate in good faith, The Barrist Firm will break off communications with the opposing insurance adjuster, file a lawsuit and fight for your rights in court.

Once the medical treatment arising out of your accident has ended (or has reached a sufficiently appropriate stage), The Barrist Firm will compile all of your medical records, summarize them and prepare the Pre-Litigation Settlement Memorandum and Demand. Within two months thereafter, it is usually known whether or not your case will settle. If the case settles, you will be required to sign a release agreement and will receive your money within 45 days of signing such agreement. In the event that settlement talks are not fruitful and suit is filed, your case will take a minimum of one year and up to several years to reach trial (depending upon the particular court in which suit is filed).

The Barrist Firm will zealously and aggressively advocate for you whether you case is appropriate for settlement or litigation.

Q) If I have a question about something, can I contact my attorney?
A) Yes, by all means. The more frequent the communication, the better.

Clients of The Barrist Firm are treated like friends or family members, as opposed to business associates. (Click for a listing of testimonials for past and present clients of The Barrist Firm) You have sought a trustworthy, reliable and aggressive attorney because an unpleasant incident has occurred in your life and you want recourse against the responsible parties. The Barrist Firm will stand with you at every stage of your ordeal, as your friend, family member and advocate. Mr. Barrist encourages you to contact him directly when even the most insignificant question arises. In all likelihood, you will find that Mr. Barrist or his colleagues are reaching out to you on a regular basis to check-in on the status of your medical treatment, advise you of a development, or just to say, “Hi.”

Q) Do I have to come to your office if I want to hire you?
A) No. In connection with The Barrist Firm’s mission of providing personal, family-like service to its clients, Mr. Barrist likes to meet all of his clients face-to-face at the beginning of the case, no matter how near or far they reside or work. However, such an in-person meeting is not a requirement, as long as Mr. Barrist is able to ascertain from you all of the facts of your case by telephone or e-mail. Additionally, Mr. Barrist is always willing to visit your home, workplace, hospital room, or even the local coffee shop to meet with you.

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